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Put Yourself in Control of Your Career

Resume Services - Are you struggling to stand out from the competition and communicate your skills effectively on your resume? Let me help you create a customized and professional resume that aligns with your target job requirements and maximizes your chances of landing an interview with a resume that markets YOU and shows what you bring to potential employers. Together, we will craft a personal brand that highlights your unique strengths and sets you apart in the job market. Let your resume be the key to opening doors and making a lasting impression.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Unsure of how to boost your profile visibility and get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn? Let me help you create a customized and professional profile that showcases your skills and experience, maximizes your visibility to potential employers, and positions you for job search success. We can work together to overcome the hurdles of networking and job searching with a profile that attracts attention. By strategically incorporating industry-specific keywords, we will ensure your profile is optimized for search algorithms and easily discoverable by recruiters.


Business Services - Are you a service provider, coach, or consultant? Do you need help marketing yourself on LinkedIn as a business owner and resume writer I am knowledgeable about marketing, optimizing profiles, and using keywords to get noticed and found. I offer Service and Business Page Optimization in LinkedIn. Let's talk! 

A LinkedIn Case Study

I recently worked with Sarah, a talented marketing professional who recently found herself unemployed. We worked together to leverage LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool by reaching out to companies, workers, and recruiters. We elevated her brand through strategic updates to her profile, showcasing her accomplishments, skills, job history, articles, and volunteerism. With strategic changes, Sarah's profile became more discoverable to recruiters, increasing her chances of landing interviews. I also crafted a keyword-rich headlines and an engaging About section, to better market Sarah's abilities and accomplishments. Sarah became much more confident in her ability to network and market herself and her skills as part of her job search. 

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I highly recommend Lisa for her exceptional career coaching and resume expertise. Throughout our collaboration, Lisa and I had frequent meetings to discuss updates, ensuring that my resume and networking strategies were continuously refined. Her meticulous attention to detail helped my resume stand out among applicants, and her invaluable insights on building genuine connections and leveraging LinkedIn were true game-changers. Her availability to offer timely feedback and answer questions was unwavering. Thanks to her expertise, I successfully secured a rewarding job opportunity aligned with my goals. I am immensely grateful for her impact on my career. I confidently recommend her services to anyone seeking outstanding career guidance, resume assistance, and ultimately getting a job. ~Lead Data Analyst

How I Write Resumes

I translate technical achievements that showcase business impact and drive your career!

My Resume Philosophy

  • Your Know What You Are Good At - You may be great at your job, but that doesn’t always translate into being great at telling your career story on a resume. Sometimes, everyone needs a little help.

  • Personalized Approach - I use my coaching and interview skills to work one-on-one with clients, understanding their strengths and connecting their achievements to business value.

  • Building Resumes from the Ground Up - I write resumes from the ground up, starting with your skills, breaking down your responsibilities, enhancing and building out accomplishments, and finishing with a well-crafted summary section.

  • Focused Content - My approach eliminates extraneous information, focusing on highlighting what’s most valuable.


Why Choose Me to Write Your Resume?

  • Industry Experience - I’ve worked in technology for over 15 years, with direct experience in many of the roles I write for. With over 10 years as an HR Manager, I’m an experienced coach and mentor.

  • Career Coaching Expertise - As a trained career coach, I know how to ask the right questions to uncover your key strengths.

  • Personal Touch - I don’t contract out my services; I handle all the work myself to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Technical AND Business Understanding - I understand how technical responsibilities relate to a company’s mission and objectives and can tie the information together.


How Do We Get Started?

  • Interview Process - I work closely with clients, gathering information through a detailed interview process—no forms to fill out!

  • In-depth Discussion - Our discussion will cover your job, responsibilities, project details, technical and soft skills, and identify accomplishments that should be highlighted.

  • Personal Consultation - I personally speak with each potential client to answer questions and determine if my background and qualifications are a good fit for your project.

  • Initial Meeting - In our first discussion, we’ll talk through your career goals and experience, and plan the best way to highlight your strengths. The whole process usually takes two meetings but can extend to three.

Tying Accomplishments to Business Goals

  • Responsibilities vs. Accomplishments - I update resumes to separate job responsibilities from accomplishments.

  • Quantifying Achievements - I work with clients to enhance accomplishments, quantifying achievements and tying them to business goals.

  • Required Skills Integration -  If you have a target job, I incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your responsibilities and accomplishments, demonstrating mastery of the required skills, not just listing them in a skills section.

  • Showcasing Value - This approach ensures that your resume truly shows your value!

My Design and Formatting Approach

  • ATS Compatibility - My resumes are designed to work with ATS systems, avoiding columns, text boxes, and graphics. (Workday article link)

  • Custom Design Elements - For resumes meant to be shared in person, we can add simple design elements to showcase accomplishments.

  • Effective Visuals -  I use color, bolding, white space, and font size to draw the reader’s eye, ensuring these enhancements do not affect ATS compatibility.

By working together and co-creating your resume, we can clearly articulate your strengths and achievements, putting everything into words that show how great you are.

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