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Let's Help You Create the Career 

What's Different About Me?

I'm determined to help your career grow!

As a working mom in the IT industry, I've navigated the complexities of balancing work, home, and life by continually upskilling and adapting. My journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of the corporate world, enabling me to provide insightful and practical guidance.​​​​

Experienced in HR and IT

Having spent years in the trenches of the corporate sector, I have first-hand experience with its challenges and opportunities. This knowledge allows me to offer realistic and actionable advice, making me a trusted source of information for those looking to thrive in their careers.

A Friend and Trusted Source of Information

I strive to be more than just a consultant or advisor. I aim to be a friend and a trusted ally who understands your struggles and aspirations. Whether you need career advice, personal development tips, or just someone to listen, I'm here for you. I've been featured on a number of articles (like Entepreneur and The Penny Pincher, and a guest on multiple podcasts (see list). I've taught fellow resume writers and career service providers (to purchase see here) 

Offering Products That Meet Your Needs

Understanding the unique needs of my clientele is at the heart of what I do. I offer products and services tailored to meet these needs, ensuring that you get the support and tools necessary to achieve your goals. Talk about flexibility.

Partnering and Co-Creating with Clients

I believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering and co-creating with my clients, we can develop customized strategies that deliver real value and delight. Your success is my success, and together we can achieve great things.

Delivering Customized Value and Exceptional Service

Every client is unique, and so are the solutions I provide. I take pride in delivering customized value that goes beyond expectations. My goal is to not just meet your needs but to exceed them with exceptional service. My clients are happy with thier results!

Honest Feedback and Mentoring

One of my core values is honesty. I provide straightforward feedback and mentoring to help you grow and feel appreciated. My approach is to mentor you in a way that makes you feel valued and empowered, helping you become the best version of yourself.

Helping You 'Be Better'

I am committed to helping you identify and develop the skills you need to meet your goals. Whether it's improving your technical abilities, enhancing your soft skills, or navigating corporate dynamics, I'm here to guide you.

Finding Quality Jobs at Quality Companies

Searching for a job can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. I can assist you in finding quality positions at reputable companies, ensuring that your next career move is a step in the right direction. With my guidance, you can secure a job that aligns with your values and ambitions. My clients have successfully gotten jobs. 

Actively involved in the community, supporting job searchers, and staying up on the latest where tech intersects with the job search. (see page)

By integrating these principles into everything I do, I aim to create a supportive, empowering, and effective environment for my clients. Let's work together to navigate the corporate world and achieve your career aspirations.

How I Write

Put Yourself in Control of Your Career

  • I use a career storytelling process to understand technical achievements. Since interviewing is all about storytelling, my clients are better positioned to do well.

  • Selecting the right resume writer, particularly for those with technology backgrounds can seem like a daunting task, especially since many writers proclaim themselves to be leaders in the IT Resume Writing industry.  It is difficult to know who to trust so it is important to have a discussion with the actual resume writer, rather than a sales agent, to understand the writer’s qualifications. 

  • I personally speak with each potential client to talk through their questions and see if my background and qualifications are a good fit for their project. In these calls, we’ll talk through your career goals and experience, discuss the approach I would take, and begin to formulate a resume plan to highlight your strengths.

  • Why do I use a basic resume format?Most resumes are first parsed into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and all the formatting is removed. I provide a basic format which is more easily parsed into the database.

  • Resume templates are available from many companies, including MS Word. Please be cautious when using columns, text boxes, and graphics.

  • My clients write narratives about their work, answering such questions as the following

    • :What was the project?

    • Who funded the project and what did they expect to get from it?

    • How big was the team and what was your role?

    • What did you do?

    • What went wrong and how was it handled?

    • What went well and why?

    • What was produced and delivered?

    • Who uses it and what is their impression?

  • There is an advantage to using an IT resume writer who understands technology ecosystems and best practices in technology and team management, while also staying updated on trends. I’ll understand how to position you in today’s marketplace.The job market right now is hot, and competition is fierce, so your IT resume needs to describe more than just the technology implementation. There are many people implementing solutions that seem to have similar results


I often find that the true differentiator is when we describe the journey to getting to those results that the individual’s competitive edge emerges.


Lisa is amazing! I have never had my resume professionally done before but she made the process easy. She really took her time talking to me about my experience and my career goals. She is extremely easy to talk to and was very forthcoming with great advice outside of just the resume. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get their resume redone or for any career coaching! ~Sophie M.

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