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Job Search Services

Put Yourself in Control of Your Career

Welcome to our comprehensive job search services! Whether you are negotiating a salary, strategizing your job search, or preparing for interviews, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you achieve your career goals with confidence and ease.

Why Choose My Job Search Services?

I Have Extensive Industry and Work Experience

  • With a 20+ year career spanning HR in healthcare and IT, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your job search journey. My diverse background enables me to provide insights and guidance around how to communicate effectively in the workplace, understand and negotiate job offers, and prepare properly for technical interviews. I've written many job descriptions, prepared job offers, and coached many employees on their performance. 

Personalized Approach

  • I believe in a uniquely personalized approach to job search coaching. Every person's career and life situation is different, and calls for a different coaching plan. I never deliver canned programs to clients. Instead, we work together to understand your specific needs and work together to put a job search plan that meets your needs and addresses your issues.  

I was an HR and Compensation Manager 

  • I’ve worked in and for HR and have an in-depth understanding of employment issues, salary negotiation, and related laws. I can help you job search and negotiate effectively. I've worked with salary ranges, negotatiated offers, and managed health care benefits. Assistance could include, salary and job research, negotiation prep, interview practice, target company analysis, benefits reivew and more.

​​Innovative and Insightful

  • My background in improving HR systems through business process changes, innovation, and new technology, along with my fascination with AI, ensures that I stay ahead of industry trends. I share these insights with job seekers to enhance their job search strategies and keep them competitive in the market.

  • When I talk with clients, I can usually see what's holding them back. Sometimes folks get stuck in unhelpful ways of thinking, they don't trust in their ability, or they need career help. I love 1:1 coaching and the collaborative process it entails, helping clients achieve their career growth and professional goals. 

I've been a 'Woman in Tech'

  • I understand the challenges women in tech encounter—gender bias, the fight for leadership opportunities and recognition, and the daily struggle for work/life balance. I’ve been there myself! Having faced the challenges of advancing my own tech career, I have a special dedication to supporting women in tech. I understand the unique hurdles they face when job searching and am passionate about helping them overcome these obstacles to achieve their career goals.

By choosing Elev8 Coaching, you are partnering with a dedicated, experienced, and passionate career coach who is committed to your success.


I’m ready to help you gain clarity, unlock your potential, show your value, and meet your career goals

Happy Client

Lisa Dupras knows her stuff! She is professional, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. I've benefited from her empathy, kindness, and mentorship and would highly recommend her to family and friends. ~ Director Engineering


How Job Search Services Can Help

Negotiate with Confidence

Is negotiating salaries difficult? I can help you effectively communicate your value and worth to potential employers, and navigate the process with confidence. With my guidance, you can increase your chances of getting the salary you deserve and feel more empowered in your job search.

  • Learn proven salary negotiation techniques

  • Boost your confidence in discussing compensation

  • Maximize your earning potential

  • Understand market salary trends

Create a Winning Job Search Plan

Feeling overwhelmed by the job search process? Let me help you create a customized job search plan that addresses the challenges of marketing your transferable skills, identifying relevant job opportunities, and feeling confident in your qualifications. With my support and guidance, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to succeed in your job search and achieve your career goals. 

  • Personalized job search strategies tailored to your strengths

  • Effective ways to market your transferable skills

  • Techniques to identify and target relevant job opportunities

  • Boost your confidence and readiness for the job market

Ace Your Interviews

Are you having trouble getting to the second round of job interviews? Are you feeling nervous and unsure of how to prepare? Our comprehensive program can help you get there. Together, we'll craft and practice answers to common interview questions, tailor your responses to showcase your abilities and talents, and rehearse on video so you can project confidence and land the job you want.

  • Personalized job search strategies tailored to your strengths

  • Effective ways to market your transferable skills

  • Techniques to identify and target relevant job opportunities

  • Boost your confidence and readiness for the job market

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