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7 Super Easy Time Savers to Use ChatGPT for Job Searches

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Know the Pros and Cons of Using ChatGPT

You may have heard about an amazing new tool, ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI, it's a free chatbot that can answer just about any question you have through a casual conversation. Imagine a search tool that behaves like Google on steroids. It’s a large language model (LLM) chatbot trained on massive amounts of data from unknown sources up through the end of 2021.

Human Computing Artificial Intelligence

What can ChatGPT do?

Chat understands the sentiment, meaning, and context of text writing or a voice. It can give you detailed responses to your complex questions. It can explain how things work, do research for you, create lists, develop and interpret program code, it can write in a variety of styles, then compare and update what was produced. It can give personal recommendations and advice, and even integrate with calendars.

What can't ChatGPT do?

Chat only has information up to the end of 2021, which limits some responses. It does not access the internet or URL so the information is never 'current' or real-time. Chat has also been known to be incorrect and gives gender-biased responses!

How Can You Use ChatGPT for Job Searches?

It's incredibly engaging and easy to use. The results DO rely very strongly on how you phrase your questions. I tried using Chat to help with some job search types of tasks and report on the results below. Check out my results!

Assessment Results

Elevator Pitch

Request - Create a friendly elevator pitch with the following resume <cut and paste resume>

Result - Sounds really stiff and almost like reading your resume

Summary: You can use Chat to generate the first draft, but it will need a lot of personalization to actually be something you'd say in an elevator.

Cover Letter

Request - Create a cover letter using <inserted resume> the following target job description

Result - You get a very targeted cover letter but it used some of the EXACT language found in the job description. This would be a recruiter red flag.

Summary: You can use Chat to generate a basic draft, but phrases could be duplicated from the job description and the result does NOT sound unique to the candidate.

Job Titles, Skills, and Responsibilities

Request - List hard and soft job skills for a financial analyst

Result - After multiple tries, kept getting pretty generic responses.

Recommendation: Continue to use Google and LinkedIn with Chat if necessary.

Industry Research

Request - I live in NJ. What are the pay transparency laws?

Result - Incomplete and incorrect response

2nd Request - Can potential employers ask a candidate about their previous salary?

2nd Result - A correct response was received.

Recommendation: Chat only has knowledge loaded through 2021. It can be used for basic information gathering, but the phrasing of the question determines the quality of the response.

ChatGPT for Career Changes

Request - I am a customer service manager and I want to pivot to a data analyst in IT. Can you help me get a plan together?

Result - A high-level 14-step plan. Asking for more detail would probably help the users.

Recommendation: Chat only has knowledge loaded through 2021. It can give you the steps to get you started, but you may need to supplement with Google and more job searching.

Company Research

Request - What are the best companies with less than 5000 employees that are focused on advertising for a Marketing Manager in the New York Metro Area?

Response - A semi-valuable list of companies.

Recommendation - ChatGPT can start your target company research. The request needs to be somewhat detailed in its language or Fortune 500 companies will be chosen. However, it cannot provide detailed information about jobs, or company finances details.

Career Pivot Plan Research

Request - Write a step-by-step personal marketing plan for a Marketing Manager to pivot to a new industry/job.

Response - ChatGPT provided a classic, very generic plan that could be found anywhere.

Recommendation - Avoid. Career Pivots are very personal and should be tailored to the person. Do your own research (or get help!)

Informational Interviews

Request - Draft a short request note for an informational interview from a Financial Analyst to a Finance Manager and mention you both went to UCLA

Response - The first version was too stiff and too long but it ended up sounding decent after I asked for a shorter version.

Recommendations: Use Chat to generate a base draft letter. Remember you can always ask Chat to shorten something or come up with a new version.

Create Resume

Request - Write a resume for a Financial Analyst with 5 years of experience at 2 companies and at least 2 measurable accomplishment statements per job.

Response - Returns a very generic, standard formatted resume without strong keywords, formatting, or any personalization.

Recommendation: Avoid. You'll save time by finding a template with color, design, and font that meets your needs and personalize the content (or get help!)

Update Resume

Request - Insert resume <copy/past resume>. Make changes to resume content.

Response - Inserting a current resume and changing simple content is super easy but formatting changes are lost.

Recommendation - If your resume is already formatted the way you like it, make your simple edits directly in Word (or get help). Chat can be used to suggest rewording, but it cannot choose the exact power words and phrasing to make your resume stand out.

Match Resume to Job Description

Request - Part 1 - Identify keywords from this list <copy/past target job description>. Part 2 - Identify keywords from this list <copy/past your resume> 3. Identify keywords from the first list that cannot be found on the second list.

Response - You will get keywords in the job you want to apply for that are not in your resume. Go through the list and identify which needs to be worked into your resume before applying.

Recommendation - A great time-saver for the first step to tailor your resume to the target job. It does NOT replace personalizing your resume with action verbs and strong accomplishments.

Interview Strategies

Request - What questions would you ask a potential employer/manager in an interview?

Response - Very generic but fairly comprehensive response.

Recommendation - Use Chat with Google or LinkedIn with friends and colleagues to research questions and responses for your interview. If you are nervous or having trouble getting interviews, GET HELP! Nothing can replace 1:1 customized practice sessions.

Request - Tell me about a time you were faced with a dilemma at work. What was the situation, what action did you take, and how did it turn out?

Response - Chat can provide made-up stories in response to scenarios!

Recommendation - You can use Chat if you get stuck for ideas for responses to expected questions. Again, if you are struggling, GET HELP.

Salary Counteroffer and Salary Negotiation Advice

Request - I interviewed for a financial analyst position with a salary range of $65,000 to $85,000 and was offered $75,000. Should I ask for a counteroffer?

Response - Chat responded with generic advice that could be found anywhere.

Recommendation - Chat doesn't always give concrete answers. Do your own research (or get help!)

ChatGPT for job searches


ChatGPT is a new, free tool that opens up the door to some time-saving tasks for the job searcher. It's best used for quick information gathering and for generating drafts for writing tasks. While it can save job searching time, it can't individualize its responses in a way that will make you stand out as a candidate. That requires telling YOUR story. If this is difficult, reach out (and get help!)

Let's Connect!

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