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Coaching/Resumes for Career Clarity & Business Impact

I translate technical achievements that showcase business impact and drive your career!

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  • Have you applied for hundreds of jobs with no response? 

  • Are you feeling undervalued financially or lacking growth opportunities?

  • Is your work/life family balance suffering?

  • Are you struggling with knowing your worth and your next career move?

  • Are you having trouble receiving recognition and gaining leadership opportunities at work?

  • Are you unsure how to describe what you do in plain business terms?

Those are all common problems for folks that are busy working, raising families, and just trying to get ahead.


With over 20 years in HR and IT, I've faced and conquered many of the challenges you face today.

I've been a woman in tech myself!

I can offer you practical insights based on my own IT experiences and coaching expertise to guide you in crafting a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.   

How I Got Started

Hi! I’m Lisa Dupras and I founded Elev8 out of a true desire to help others. I'm a seasoned Tech Career Coach and IT Resume Writer with 20+ years of experience in both HR and IT. I enjoy using my skills, knowledge, and expertise to help technical professionals gain career growth and clarity by deciphering their expertise and crafting narratives that showcase their business impact. Here's a great article from Go Solo Magazine discussing my entrepreneurial journey.


My Purpose, Mission & Vision

I want you to get the help you need to succeed!


Inspiring clients to maximize their job or job search performance or potential.


Elev8 Career Coaching and Resumes serves and meets the needs of its target clientele through information sharing, career coaching, resume writing, and job search services resulting in improving and enriching their personal and professional lives. Educate, and inspire my target clientele with valuable information. 


Connect and provide career coaching, resume writing, and job search services to clientele that want and need it. 

Chidima Anusiem

"Lisa is absolutely amazing! I was at a crossroads in my career and needed a road map to my next career move. Lisa took me through a detailed process of self-discovery and helped me identify which jobs would best meet my personal and professional needs. She is understanding, very knowledgeable, and thorough and I would highly recommend Lisa and Elev8 Coaching!" ~VP of Sales & Client Experience

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