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Invest in Yourself - Invest in Professional Resume Writing Services

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We're in a Job Searchers Market

2022 and 2023 have been forecasted to continue to be a job searcher’s market. Positions are being posted at record rates and roughly 44% of workers in the US have reported they are searching for new and different types of more flexible work. Since the job market is competitive, a well-crafted resume and LinkedIn profile that markets YOUR brand and value can open the doors to new job opportunities. When embarking on a job search, you may make key investments to improve your chances of success, such as purchasing clothes. There could be other investments into your career like getting a degree or focused training.

Return on Investment

Investing in professional resume writing and/or career coaching is one of the best investments you can make to further your job search. Using such a service provides a big return on your investment.

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7 Benefits of Resume Writing Services

You Will Receive Honest Feedback and Some Coaching Too!

Working with a resume writer can help you gain feedback on your job search and how it could be improved. Resume writers who are also career coaches will provide valuable insights for the changes you need to make for a more effective job search.

No More Wasted Opportunities

You may have seen some great job opportunities lately. Lack of confidence in your resume and not applying to jobs because of it equates to NO JOB. A professionally written, optimized resume and LinkedIn profile will give you the confidence you need to act quickly and enable you to pursue the jobs you really want.

More Money in the Bank

Professional resumes and profiles can shorten your job search. They are optimized to pass through ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and have all the necessary keywords to match up to your target jobs. That means more opportunities for interviews. The cost of these services may look like a big investment but if you factor in the weeks you save (and the salary you DON’T lose) the return on investment gets larger, the savings more significant and the financial difference can be enormous!

You Could Land a Long-Term Position

What are the benefits of long-term financial stability? Paying for a professionally written resume and LinkedIn profile could help you secure your income for the future. Quality resumes generate interest and more job opportunities, allowing you more options for your future career.

Salary Increases

A professionally written resume and profile can showcase your talents in a much more attractive way. Resume writers are trained to help you market and yourself and your accomplishments, so you will stand out against the competition. Would you attempt to fix your car, or would you let a professional mechanic do the work? Successfully getting that new job with your new resume and profile can deliver substantial salary increases. These dollar increases over time will add up and more than justify your investment.

Master the Job Interview Process

As your new resume results in more interviews, you’ll have more job options, resulting in a better chance of being able to land the job that you actually want. Multiple job options give you more room to negotiate your salary. Having a professional resume will also give you more interview confidence. Your new resume and profile will already give a good first impression. After the first couple of interviews, your confidence will soar!

Your Professional Resume is Reusable

A professional resume and LinkedIn profile aren’t just for the short term. It is a way to keep your career options open in the long term. Just updating and adjusting over time will keep it fresh and ready for any future opportunities. The return on your investment can be endless.

get a job interview

Resume ROI Examples

Scenario 1 - Getting laid off

Joe is an Electrical who was suddenly laid off from a job where he was making an annual salary of $85,000. Joe applied unsuccessfully for about 3 months but did not receive any interview invites.

Joes’ loss of income on a weekly basis:

$85,000 / 52 (# of weeks in a year) = $1,634 per week in lost wages

$1,634 / 5 (# of work-days in a week) = $327 per day in lost wages

Joe was losing over $1600/week in income and had lost $19,620 in income over 3 months! Joe then decided to invest $850 in a professionally written resume and optimized LinkedIn profile. Approximately 4 weeks after Joe began using his new resume, he landed an interview with an engineering consulting agency. One week later, Joe received an offer, with a healthy employee benefits compensation package for a Mechanical Engineering position making $90,000/year.

What was Joe's resume ROI?

To calculate Joe's resume ROI, we divide his investment by his loss of daily income:

$850 / $327 = 2.6 workdays

Joe recoups his $850 investment in 2.6 workdays!

Scenario 2 - Career Advancement

Susan is a Finance Manager making $120,000 annually. She is looking to advance to a director-level position and increase her salary by 15%. In order to stand out from the competition, she invested in a professional resume service, impressed the interviewers, and received an offer of $140,000 annually—a 17% increase in pay. Her resume and LinkedIn profile investment totaled $850.

What was Susan’s resume ROI?

Calculate her raise by subtracting her current income from her new salary:

$140,000 – $120,000 = $20,000 raise

Now, let’s calculate her increase in weekly wages with the new salary:

$20,000 / 5-day work week = $4,000 weekly

How many days did it take her to recoup her investment?

$4,000 weekly / $850 (resume cost) = 4.7 workdays

Susan recoups her $850 investment in 4.7 workdays!

Should I Hire a Career Coach for a Resume?

It's quite easy to find low-cost resume and LinkedIn profile services. Or you can make a solid investment in yourself and your career by working with a legitimate and reputable career professional who will get to know you personally, understand your career goals and develop a personalized strategy that showcases your unique selling points to get results. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are the most financially important and persuasive marketing documents you will ever own. With job competition fiercer than ever, wouldn't it be smart to give yourself the competitive edge and invest in resume writing services?

You are worth every investment you make in yourself.

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