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Do Work From Home Remote Jobs Really Exist?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I've been reading how folks are leaving their jobs rather than returning onsite, how they are very hard to find, and how many remote job openings are scams. Below is some research on how to hunt down that remote job:

Dedicated Remote Job Search Sites:

🔹 - #1 rated site. Costs ~$30/year (discounted). Offers career services, free articles, and limited webinars. I found independent reviews confirming that this site actually vets and verifies their job listings.

🔹 – Job searches are free but very basic. There was an offer to ‘upgrade services’ which redirected me to Flexjobs! Has helpful remote work informational resources.

🔹 – Job searches are free but very basic. This site mostly returns searches for technical jobs.

🔹 – Job searches are free but very basic. I entered “Finance” and my search returned only technical jobs. This makes sense since it costs $600 to list a job on this site.

🔹 – Searches are generally free, but charge $6 (per month?) to unlock ‘more opportunities. Has profiles of work-from-home friendly companies. Has a link to the site to create a resume from international templates, but it is unknown if they are ATS friendly.


Some Observations:

🔹Many job search engines (like LinkedIn, Indeed, or ZipRecruiter) now offer the ability to search ‘remote or hybrid’ jobs.

🔹Many jobs at reputable employers can be negotiated during the hiring process or earned after a period of employment. Ask during the hiring process or during your annual performance review.

🔹Some advertised remote jobs are in actuality hybrid or are scams. For tax reasons, all jobs need a physical location as a base for work and taxes. That doesn't mean you have to go into that location periodically. Some employers may demand this but still call the position 'remote'.

🔹Most dedicated job boards for remote jobs charge a fee for full access. If they are free, they mostly focus on technical jobs.

🔹FlexJobs appears to be the most reputable site but has a fee to join. I found independent evaluations of the site and enthusiastic recommendations from satisfied customers.

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