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Reduce Work Stress & Learn to Relax

Be More Confident in Your Abilities 

Job Search Anxiety?

 Are you in the middle of a job search that is much longer than you expected?

Are you applying frantically to many jobs without a real plan in hopes that 'more is better'?

Do you have lurking financial concerns? 

You are not alone. 

I am a certified career coach who specializes in assisting the anxious professional

I can help you co-create the career you deserve with the emotional support you need

How Relaxation Files Can Help

Stacked Rocks with Lotus FLower

Learn mental relaxation to reduce the stress of job search activities. 

Calm interview nerves through hypnosis and the power of visualizing a positive future.

Reduce fears of imposter syndrome through mantras and reframing to positive thoughts.

Learn to be kind to yourself, learn how to rest,  and take needed breaks.

Feel more calm and empowered to set a schedule, learn new skills, and find support

Free Relaxation Files for Career Confidence

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