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Reduce Work Stress & Learn to Relax

Be More Confident in Your Abilities 

Relaxation File Benefits

Reduced stress and anxiety

Improved sleep

Increased self-awareness

Pain management

Improved focus

Enhanced creativity

Improved overall well-being

A sense of inner peace

Tangible Applications

Learn mental relaxation to reduce the stress of job search activities. 


Calm interview nerves through hypnosis and the power of visualizing a positive future.


Reduce fears from imposter syndrome through mantras and reframing to positive thoughts.

Do you struggle with job search frustration, interview anxiety or just not feeling like you are enough? 

You are not alone. 

I am a career coach that specializes in assisting the anxious professional

I am both a certified career coach and hypnotherapist

We can co-create career you deserve with emotional support you need

Take a look at my specialized coaching sessions just for you


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